Ordin delivery online

Free pick up and delivery!

We will clean your clothes and deliver them to you (already clean and ironed) where necessary. Regarding to the actual global situation, we introduced mandatory use of antiseptic products in the process of cleaning .

How does it work?

The courier arrives at the specified time

The courier picks up the clothes and gives you the receipt

The courier brings you back the clothes already clean, ironed and packed

You check up on them and make the payment

Delivery is *FREE for orders whose value exceeds the amount of 500 lei.

Ordin delivery online

Order the services of the cleaning house

Dear client!

You can order the services of the cleaning house by calling the following phone numbers:

+373 (69) 14-00-00      Viber +373 (69) 14-00-00

Or by filling in the form below

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  • Амир Ройтман

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